Sierra Energy staff is equipped to guide you through the four distinct phases of obtaining a FastOx® system:

Calculate the Value of Your Project

FastOx gasifiers can open up a number of revenue streams for your waste reduction and energy production needs. To explore this value, use our online calculator tool.

For a customized evaluation of a specific project scenario, please contact us about performing a feasibility study.

Secure Distribution Rights

Once you have determined the value that FastOx gasification will have for your business, the next step is to acquire the distribution rights for a specific geographic region. This license will grant you the rights to build your first demonstration-sized system. In addition, it will allow you to generate revenue from distributing the technology to other parties interested in building FastOx systems. Licenses are available on Techpipe - our online auction platform.

Design Your FastOx System

Any customizations to the FastOx system will involve additional engineering services.  If a feasibility study has not been conducted previously, one must be completed at this stage to assess the requirement and yield expectations of your system. Upon further engagement, our engineers may then perform preliminary engineering and typical project FEED engineering.

Secure a Gasifier License

Before construction and equipment procurement, an annual gasifier fee based on the capacity in cubic meters of the installed gasifier is required per FastOx system installed.

Construct your FastOx System

Gasifier builders will be connected with our preferred vendors for manufacturing and equipment procurement. It is up to the developer to arrange for system construction and to obtain necessary system permits. Sierra Energy will have consultation services available for this process.