Techpipe is an online platform allowing emerging, clean technologies, such as FastOx® gasification, to achieve market penetration. Techpipe presents a unique opportunity to access innovative technologies at introductory rates. 

The platform innovates the deployment of environmental technology in four main ways.

Crowd-funding for technology commercialization

Techpipe helps emerging technologies reach widespread adoption.

Anyone can become a license holder, because you name your price. 

Emerging technology auctions allow the market to access and define the value of distribution and licensing fees at introductory rates.

You gain exclusive rights in your region.

Auction winners obtain exclusive rights to the technology, immediately taking ownership and control of the opportunity spaces within their communities. Holders can hold and maintain that exclusivity for as long as they wish.

Be the positive force that brings world-saving technologies to your hometown.

You gain access to knowledge and resources, swiftly becoming a thought-leader on emerging technologies and renewable energy development.

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