FastOx® Gasification

is the Future

FastOx gasification turns waste into clean synthesis gas without burning or creating new waste byproducts.

Municipal solid waste, biomass, hazardous waste, tires, medical waste and more can all be converted into renewable energy safely and responsibly.

FastOx Pathfinder

Our 100 MTPD gasification isle turns waste into tar-free synthesis gas ready for downstream conversion to a high-value end product.

Fort Hunter Liggett

This plant was built in partnership with the U.S. Army, the California Energy Commission and the U.S. Department of Defense.

Turn Your Trash Into Profit

Learn more about Sierra Energy’s 100 metric ton per day FastOx Pathfinder gasification isle.


How Much Energy Does Your Waste Create?

Calculate the estimated volume of energy generated from a FastOx® system using your waste stream.


The World's Wasted Resource

Visit our online Knowledge Base to learn more about gasification and why the FastOx technology is a game changer for waste.


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