Sierra Energy Supporting DoD Energy Iniatives

Aug 13, 2014
Sierra Energy recognizes the benefits of domestic alternative and biofuel production goes far beyond environmental. As a result, Sierra Energy continues working to find an economical and efficient path from waste to drop-in transportation fuels.


During a recent webinar Sierra Energy attended, Military Legislative Assistant, Casey Howard called our nation’s lack of domestic biofuel production a matter of National Security. A reminder, yet again, how critical the development and implementation of biofuel technologies are, not just domestically, but also for forward operating bases overseas. Fuel and supply routes are limited and well known by insurgents, as a result, well over 3,000 American casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan are attributed to fuel convoys, dubbed “Taliban Targets” by some soldiers.


As the nation’s single largest consumer of energy, the Department of Defense (DoD) has set strategic and achievable energy goals, including investing in energy efficiency and renewable energy in order to reduce costs, save lives, and improve other operational needs. Indirectly, these initiatives stimulate innovation and investment in the private sector which greatly benefit the economy.


The DoD is moving aggressively to diversify their energy supplies by shifting away from oil towards domestic and sustainable biofuels. Howard explains, “The cost of oil goes well beyond the price we pay at the pump.” He goes on to mention that the U.S. spends $40-80 billion a year on the defense of oil supply and shipping routes as well as protecting pipelines, and more.


In a recent Forbes article, Sierra Energy’s CEO, Mike Hart, shares how the Military’s biofuel and renewable energy efforts shaped the direction of Sierra Energy’s product offerings. He adds, “The DoD is as serious as a heart attack.”


The military’s commitment to the development of these fuels, as both an investor and a significant customer, is critical to future of the biofuels industry. This is why Sierra Energy believes it is important to continue supporting the military in investing in long-term solutions to our nation’s energy security challenges. For more information on the benefits and issues facing the DODs energy intitiaves, please visit the links below.

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