Sierra Energy's Mk4 demonstration gasifier shifts into FastOx™ mode

Aug 13, 2014

And  we’re off! After a thorough commissioning phase, Sierra Energy launched  its FASTOX™ testing campaign using its Mk4 demonstration gasifier. The  gasifier is operating on a wide variety of feedstocks including MSW,  steel-belted tires, medical waste, wood chips, and eco-pellets made of  walnut shells.  The syngas, metal, and slag produced during these tests  are undergoing comprehensive analysis to enable Sierra Energy to better  understand the composition and energy content of each feedstock and   optimize the FASTOX™ process.

Click HERE to view a video of our Mk 4 demonstration unit located at the Renewable  Energy Testing Center (RETC) in McClellan, California.  The Department  of Defense’s RETC is  independently testing FASTOX™ for a series of white papers to document  its abilities.