Mike Hart Supports the Small Business Clean Energy Financing Act of 2013

Aug 13, 2014

Congresswoman Doris Matsui introduced legislation yesterday which will help small businesses in the clean energy sector access financing. The Small Business Clean Energy Financing Act of 2013 will create a loan program within the Small Business Administration (SBA) that would guarantee loans to companies that manufacture clean energy technologies.

Congresswoman Matsui, a long time supporter of clean technologies said, “The clean energy economy now supports more jobs than the fossil fuel industry, and has the ability to continue to create jobs, strengthen our economy and ensure our energy independence. By providing assurances to financial institutions, we can open up capital and further unleash American innovation.”

Michael Hart, CEO of Sierra Energy applauds Congresswoman Matsui’s efforts saying, “Sierra Energy is enthusiastic about the Small Business Clean Energy Financing Act of 2013. There is a valley of death today when it comes to funds available for innovative green energy technologies. SBA financing would allow our company to grow more rapidly to meet the market demand, creating dozens of well-paying operating positions and many times that in construction jobs. In California alone, if we were to convert the waste we throw into landfills into clean energy, we could offset 34,000,000 barrels of imported diesel and create over 250,000 new jobs. Debt financing is necessary for the construction of these systems and Congresswoman Matsui’s bill is an essential step in the right direction.”

Congresswoman Matsui has personally visited Sierra Energy’s demonstration facility and had this to say, “I have seen firsthand Sierra Energy’s gasification technology and it is a shining example of the clean technology that the Sacramento region is becoming well-known for. I will continue to support innovative companies and programs that improve our environment and help lead to increased energy independence.”

Learn more about the legistlation, here.

View the legislation announcement, here.