California Energy Commission partners with Sierra Energy to convert waste to clean diesel fuel

Aug 13, 2014

Sierra Energy Corporation and SacPort BioFuels jointly announced today that the California Energy Commission has invested $5 million to help construct a commercial waste-to-biofuels demonstration facility at the Port of West Sacramento. This joint effort will use the FastOx gasification process to convert locally-generated, non-recyclable waste into ultra-clean renewable fuels.
“We are pleased to make an investment in a technology that will produce ultra low carbon renewable fuel and create jobs and economic and environmental benefits,” said Energy Commission Chair Robert B. Weisenmiller. “This moves California closer to achieving its greenhouse gas reduction goals.”
The grant award will be used to manufacture and install a compact, modular waste conversion system called the FastOx Pathfinder FT. Expected to generate approximately one barrel of renewable diesel for every ton of material processed, this joint commercial demonstration of waste gasification will serve as a model for future commercial facilities throughout the nation.
Commenting on the award, Mike Hart, President and Chief Executive Officer of Sierra Energy, said, “We are honored to receive the support and confidence of one of the world’s leading energy agencies and are pleased they are recognizing the large potential benefits waste gasification offers communities throughout California.” Hart continued, “We believe implementing our technology at commercial-scale will play an important role in creating jobs, protecting the environment, and reducing our dependency on foreign fuels.”
“FastOx facilities promise to change our view of trash. Instead of it wasting away in landfills, trash will be used to produce energy, to power our homes and drive our vehicles,” said Val Toppenberg, previous Director of Redevelopment for West Sacramento and acting president of SacPort BioFuels. Toppenberg continued, “This is great news for the Port and City of West Sacramento. The city has sought to bring sustainable, green jobs to the community and this project does just that.”
Click here to be directed to the press release from the California Energy Commission.