Sierra Energy Featured on Sierra Club Website

Aug 13, 2014

The Sierra Club published a story today on FastOx waste conversion. Read the full story by Debra Atlas, here.

DAVIS, CALIFORNIA — Can we all agree that using more renewable energy and less oil would be a good thing? Great, and any objections to sending less trash to the landfill? Well Sierra Energy Corp., a recent winner at the Sierra Nevada Innovation Challenge, has developed a system that can help us do both.
With the FastOx process, any form of waste can be heated to 4,000 degrees and then broken down into liquid metal, liquid stone, and syngas— a form of clean energy. Syngas is made up of 70 percent CO and 30 percent Hydrogen. Diesel made from syngas is 20 times cleaner than the California standard. What is more, the gasification process means that nothing needs to go to the landfill.
Renewable Energy on World Tour
Sierra Energy is now building their first commercial system, which they hope to have up and running sometime next year. Once this small commercial system is proven effective, the team’s hope is that people will see it and decide to bring it to their own community.
Hart believes that every community should be looking for ways to convert some of its waste into energy. The key, he says, is incentive and the technology being used. Hart strongly believes that good technologies should be shared. […]
“We as a society need a transition technology to take us into the future. An inexpensive technology that doesn’t require massive investment, that pays for itself quickly,” says Hart.
“That’s the approach Sierra Energy is taking.”