Sierra Energy to Present at Puerto Rico Power Summit

Aug 13, 2014
Sierra Energy, a waste gasification and renewable energy company from California, will discuss how island trash can be converted into renewable fuels or electricity—an island treasure—using its FastOx waste gasification technology.

Waste management is especially challenging for islands. Landfills consume valuable and limited land and pose serious complications for the sustainability of growing island communities.

The majority of the landfills in Puerto Rico fail to comply with environmental regulations and as a result are scheduled for closure over the next decade. Furthermore, 87% of the island is unfit for landfill development making this waste disposal option unsustainable for Puerto Rico.

“Due to high energy prices and waste disposal issues unique to Puerto Rico, the implementation of waste conversion would be tremendously beneficial,” says Mike Hart, CEO of Sierra Energy. “FastOx waste gasification would create jobs, increase renewable energy, produce locally-made fuels and protect local residents from the health hazards caused by unregulated landfills.”

Mike Hart was invited by Electric Utility Consultants, Inc. to speak at the Puerto Rico Power Summit, June 25-26th in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This event links local representatives, government officials, and other energy experts to review and discuss the island’s current and future options for waste, energy, and fuel diversification.

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