Sierra Energy invited to the White House Business Leaders Forum

Aug 13, 2014

Sierra Energy’s CEO, Mike Hart, was invited to attend the White House Business Leaders Forum on Jobs and Economic Competitiveness today. At this day-long forum, senior administration officials will provide an overview of current efforts to spur economic growth and will be soliciting input from business leaders on a range of topics, among them: innovation; access to capital for small business; and energy.
The issues discussed at the forum are especially relevant for Sierra Energy and the green tech industry. According to a leading market research firm, SBI Energy, the global waste-to-energy market is expected to grow substantially over the next ten years, from a $7 billion dollar industry to $27 billion.
Sierra Energy hopes to see a substantial portion of this growth take place in the United States, to: establish America as global leaders in green technology development and implementation; create local jobs; foster energy independence; and stimulate local economies.
Sierra Energy, alone, has the potential to impact the nation in these areas. For instance, if we began gasifying our nation’s waste (estimated to be 243 million tons of waste per year) with FastOx gasifiers, it would create over 250,000 jobs and produce the equivalent of 240 million barrels of fossil fuel, eliminating the need for oil imports from both Iraq and Kuwait.
There is a lot of potential for the green tech industry to create jobs and positively impact our economy. Mike is pleased to be able to represent Sierra Energy and share this information at the White House Business Leaders Forum today.