Sierra Energy Featured in Comstock's Magazine

Aug 13, 2014

Sierra Energy was featured in Comstock’s Magazine, August 2011 issue. The article discusses Sierra Energy’s decision to bring Douglas M. Miller to act as CEO for the company.
Here is an excerpt from the article:

Since founding Sierra Energy Corp. in 2004, Mike Hart has led the charge to make it a force in the world of renewable energy. This year, with a working gasification system to demonstrate for new investors, Hart is stepping aside as CEO.

“I am not the right person to take the company to that stage,” says Hart, who retains the title of president. Instead, he has brought on Douglas Miller as chief executive.

Miller spent the past two years at Rentech Inc. as head of its renewable energy business. Rentech is the kind of big player that can use Sierra Energy’s gasified waste stream and turn it into clean fuels. His resumé also includes experience as a vice president of Unocal Corp.

“In many cases where we have spent years establishing a fragile relationship with a company, he is able to step in several layers higher,” Hart says.

Hart is voluntarily making a move often forced upon some startup CEOs by their boards or investors. It’s a recognition, sometimes reluctant, that it takes a different set of skills to start a company than to take it through the various stages of fundraising, production and profitability.


Read the full article, “Founders Keepers?”, on Comstock’s website.