Sierra Energy attends Waste Expo in Texas

Aug 13, 2014
Sierra Energy is attending the 43rd annual Waste Expo in Dallas, Texas. This is the nation’s largest solid waste and recycling trade show. We believe it is important to stay current on innovations and trends in the waste industry, to better understand the needs of waste companies and municipalities and to be aware of developments in landfilling (our nation’s primary method of waste-disposal).

Americans buried 131 million tons of trash in landfills in 2009. And why not? Landfills are lucrative, generating an average of $42 per ton of trash through tipping and disposal fees.

Yet, what if there was an even more profitable solution that turns trash by the tons into renewable energy? Now there is: FastOx. Our FastOx waste conversion solution converts trash into renewable energy and is more lucrative than other solutions. FastOx supplements or completely replaces the need for landfills.

We are also excited to hear the keynote address: Solving our costly and dangerous dependence on OPEC oil, by T. Boone Pickens. Sierra Energy agrees that it is critical that we lessen our use of foreign and fossil fuels and increase our use of renewable transportation fuels. Which again, brings us to FastOx. Our technology generates large amounts of versatile gas (syngas) from waste. This syngas can then be used to produce diesel, ethanol, and other transportation fuels as well as electricity and hydrogen. By using FastOx to dispose of trash, we can dramatically increase our nation’s renewable fuel production and improve our environment at the same time. Good for the planet, and good for us.