Sierra Energy Selected to Present to the Department of Defense's DeVenCI Program

Aug 13, 2014

Sierra Energy is honored to have been selected by the Department of Defense (DoD) to present its FastOx waste conversion solution as part of the DoD’s Defense Venture Catalyst Intiative (DeVenCI) on April 26 in Virginia.
DeVenCI combines the efforts of the DoD, the venture capital community, and small innovative companies like Sierra Energy, accelerating the identification and the development of emerging commercial technologies.
The DoD has been directed to reduce the quantity of toxic and hazardous chemicals disposed, and to find and implement sources of renewable energy generation. With Sierra Energy’s FastOx solution, the DoD can fulfill both directives at once. Learn more here about how our FastOx technology meets the military’s needs.
Sierra Energy is honored to have been a part of this event and to be recognized along with these other great emerging renewable energy technologies:
Cogenra Solar
Digital Lumens
Locus Energy
Viridity Energy