Renewable Hydrogen Promises Drastic Reduction of Climate-Warming Pollutants in California

Nov 24, 2014
Hydrogen fuels from renewable sources are considered some of the most promising alternative fuels for reducing oil consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and air pollution.

For example, if California converts its 30.4 million metric tons of disposed waste annually to hydrogen using FastOx gasification, it would avoid the equivalent climate warming impact of approximately 86.9 million metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) – this equates to taking 55.6% of California’s vehicles off the roads.

A small-scale FastOx gasification system can produce hydrogen at an industry-leading cost efficiency – even cheaper than natural gas! Coupled with the benefits of eliminating waste, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and fueling economic growth, the production of renewable hydrogen with FastOx gasification is exceptionally disruptive to the hydrogen fuel market.

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