Sierra Energy Selects Andy Egan, Co. as Partner to Help Army Installation Turn Waste into Secure Fuels

Nov 17, 2015

Sierra Energy is pleased to announce the selection of Andy Egan as our engineering and procurement partner in delivering renewable energy solutions to the U.S. Army and California Energy Commission.
With a significant track record as a trusted engineering firm in the delivery of renewable energy projects, Andy Egan’s collaboration with Sierra Energy creates a lasting partnership in the effort to create zero-waste solutions.  Andy Egan’s first mission will be playing a key role in the design and fabrication of the FastOx®gasification system at Fort Hunter Liggett, a U.S. Army garrison in California.
FastOx gasification will assist the U.S. Army in achieving the net-zero energy and waste goals set by the Department of Defense (DoD). By diverting waste generated on base from landfills for the creation of renewable energy, Fort Hunter Liggett is on track to become one of six army installations in the nation to achieve net-zero waste production, energy usage and water consumption.
In addition to the environmental benefits, creating fuel and power from waste will increase energy security. This is critical for deployed units, for whom the transportation of waste is costly and dangerous. The Department of Defense believes that secure, renewable energy right on-site at forward-operating bases will translate to the preservation of troops’ lives.
The California Energy Commission (CEC) invested in the system at Fort Hunter Liggett for the demonstration of low-carbon fuel production from waste.
The DoD and CEC have selected FastOx gasification because the renewable generation of clean fuels on demand has a long-reaching positive impact on human health and lives. The selection of Andy Egan, Co. as a strategic partner means this important technological breakthrough is yet another step closer to commercial-scale deployment.