FastOx Gasifier Shell Assembled and Nozzles Attached

Apr 26, 2016

Our commercial demonstration facility at Fort Hunter Liggett in Monterey County, California is one step closer to completion this month! Our partners at Andy J Egan Co. have been hard at work in Grand Rapids, Michigan completing the assembly of our FastOx gasifier vessel shell. The welding and assembly of the shell is the first of many steps towards commissioning the full system.

In several months, the entire gasifier module will be fully assembled in Michigan and then shipped to California. Andy Egan’s experienced staff has already welded the gasifier vessel shell together and worked with our engineering team to place and weld the nozzles into the vessel.

These nozzles will house our patented FastOx gasifier lances that inject pure oxygen and steam to react with and convert waste into energy-dense syngas. They will also house the connections that carry syngas to other modules such as the gas cleaning equipment.

Even though the gasifier vessel is taking shape, it is far from complete. Testing still must occur to ensure that the vessel shell is up to the challenge of containing the pressure needed to convert over 10 metric tons of waste per day into energy. After the testing, we also must line the vessel to accommodate temperatures over 4,000 °F before we begin final assembly.
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