Licenses to Develop FastOx Gasification Now Available in Wyoming

Apr 26, 2016

Sierra Energy is now auctioning off the exclusive rights to develop and distribute FastOx gasifiers by county. This allows early adopters to gain access to FastOx gasification at preferential rates. Auctions are taking place on TechPipe and went live in Wyoming on April 13th!


We’re not the only ones excited about FastOx gasification coming to Wyoming. The Wyoming Business Report featured Sierra Energy in a recent article and highlighted waste problems in Wyoming. The amount of municipal waste generated in Wyoming could build a 6.5 foot wall around the state each year. Albany and Laramie counties are the first two counties up for auction and the largest waste producing counties in the state.


Per the article, FastOx gasification looks to “turn that trash into treasure”. Gasifying the waste generated in Wyoming could power all of the homes in Cheyenne and reduce millions of tons of greenhouse gas emissions each year.


Read the full article to learn more about the auctions in Wyoming or check out Techpipe to explore the potential for FastOx gasification in your county.