Gasifier Frame and Polisher Fabricated

May 10, 2016

While we’re excited to see the completed gasifier vessel, this week our partners at Andy J Egan Co took a break to complete our gasifier frame and other components that are essential to the gasification process.

The gasifier frame shown below had to be specially designed to support the gasifier without disrupting any of the system connections. The gasifier must be connected to the pre-processing isle for waste loading, nozzles for oxygen and steam injection, the gas cleaning isle, and gauges to monitor safety, temperature, and pressure. It may just look like scaffolding but it has  an essential role in the system.

The polisher (shown above) will sit directly next to the gasifier to ensure syngas quality. After gasification, syngas flows to the polisher where components that have not broken down completely will experience a short blast of heat. This will break down any remaining material into base elements suitable for syngas. This “polished” gas moves onto the cleaning isle to ensure that it meets purity standards for the back end process.

Finally, Andy Egan’s staff has been working on the Conex for the system. It began as an empty 40 foot shipping container. By the time they’re done, the container will be fit to house the system controls. Once all of these components are complete and tested to withstand the pressure of converting 10 tons of waste to energy per day, they will be ready for transportation Fort Hunter Liggett and assembly!