Sierra Energy Shares Tips for Developing a Waste Conversion Project

Jul 7, 2016

At Sierra Energy, we are passionate about advancing all emerging waste conversion projects and technologies. Through our experience implementing FastOx gasification at our commercial demonstration site in Monterey County, CA, we’ve discovered just how messy these projects can be. We’ve learned so much from this first project that we are infinitely more excited and prepared for the challenges of the second project.

It’s no surprise, then, that when Waste Advantage Magazine asked us to share tips and tricks for waste conversion project development we were more than happy to participate. If you’re interested in implementing a FastOx system or another waste conversion technology, read more about what we’ve learned and get a head start on your system!

Read an excerpt from Sierra Energy’s editorial below.

When refuse finds its way to a landfill, it has hardly reached the end of its utility. Modern waste conversion technologies target waste at the molecular level, and are unlocking and rebuilding these molecules to valuable energy products such as electricity, transportation fuels, hydrogen, ammonia and more.

Since these advanced technologies exist, why is there still a gap in the implementation of these technological advancements after 50 years of development and optimization?

The waste conversion industry is comparatively young, and thus, susceptible to legislative and economic fluctuations. Venture capitalists and city officials are hesitant to accept the risk of implementing emerging technologies. And finally, the industry must combat several myths and misconceptions that have resulted from a history of trial and error…

For anyone considering a waste conversion project, make sure you engage local partners early to ensure permitting goes smoothly, understand the community’s unique drivers to turn residents into project advocates, be transparent on project progress through a strong Web presence, gain a thorough and intimate understating of the waste streams, and expect the unexpected.

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Breaking Down Barriers: Advice for Bringing Innovation to the Waste Industry