Modules Being Fabricated for System at Fort Hunter Liggett

Aug 4, 2016

In Grand Rapids, Michigan, our partners at Andy J. Egan Co. have finished the fabrication of the gasifier and other proprietary system components for the demonstration facility at Fort Hunter Liggett. All of the equipment is either at the shop or en route. And yet, the electricity generator still sits alone on the pad at Fort Hunter Liggett. With construction and commissioning right around the corner, why isn’t all of the equipment at the Fort?

The answer is that the FastOx system is designed in separate, discrete modules. Each section of the system is mounted within its own structural steel frame, designed to be transported to the site and mounted directly onto the skid. The FastOx system includes modules for pre-processing, gasification, gas cleaning, utilities, controls, and end product creation. Modular fabrication helps FastOx systems meet a variety of clients’ needs, but is especially critical for the Department of Defense.


This initial ten-ton-per-day system at Fort Hunter Liggett is perfectly suited for the Army’s efforts to make its domestic installations met “net-zero” goals by 2020. FastOx gasification diverts waste to help the base achieve net-zero waste while the electricity generation helps the base to achieve net-zero energy use. But the modular design of the FastOx system will become even more critical as the Department of Defense deploys systems around the globe.


At forward-operating bases, transporting waste and fuel through active combat zones puts soldiers’ lives at risk. In fact, more lives were lost in Afghanistan in the transportation and storage of fuel than in any other role. Modular design makes the FastOx gasification system portable enough to be installed at forward-operating bases in remote locales.


Modular fabrication allows for easy transportation and construction of a system at any site with minimal field expertise. For the military, this means rapid deployment in a variety of domestic and international theaters. For other clients, this translates to minimal site preparation and construction costs and less time from delivery to operation.

So while the generator may seem lonely now, in just a few months, a brief flurry of activity will see the full assembly of the modules at the base. Check back on our website soon for updates as the modules depart for the base!