Defense Energy Technology Challenge Winner

Aug 13, 2014

Sierra Energy is selected as one of the winners of the 2013 Defense Energy Technology Challenge as part of the annual Defense Energy Summit in Austin, Texas, November 11-13.

Sierra Energy’s CEO, Mike Hart, will present during Monday’s 1:30pm Challenge Showcase and discuss how FastOx waste gasification helps the Department of Defense meet its waste reduction and renewable energy initiatives.

An excerpt from a recent NY Times article featuring Sierra Energy, identifies some of the driving forces behind these initiatives:

The military is looking for ways to reduce its oil consumption, and to make it easier to supply the front lines with the fuel it uses in all its vehicles and generators. “These days, the supply lines are in the battlefield,” said Sharon E. Burke, the assistant secretary of defense for operational efficiency plans and programs. “And we consume a lot of fuel, which makes us a big target.”

FastOx could reduce the military’s reliance on oil overseas and the grid at home. “I have a $24 million-a-year electric bill at Camp Pendleton” in Southern California, said that Marine base’s commander, Brig. Gen. Vincent A. Coglianese. “If I can reduce that cost, that’s more money I can put into training Marines and sailors.”

Ms. Burke added, “Something for military operations has to be really rugged, deployable, simple to use — all of those things.”

Sierra Energy designed the FastOx Pathfinder with Department of Defense needs at the forefront. “It’s a modular system that can be dropped into any area,” Mr. Hart said, “using waste where it’s produced to make electricity where it’s used.”

As producers of over five million tons of waste per year, the DoD has been seeking the right conversion technology for years. A robust and distributed system like the FastOx Pathfinder fits the bill and could move 301 active military installations, as well as over 500 forward operating bases, towards their zero-waste targets.

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