Converting biomass into clean and renewable energy.

Agricultural Waste Processing

FastOx gasification systems benefit agricultural waste producers by

  • Eliminating landfill disposal fees
  • Converting biomass into high value energy products
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural waste digestion and combustion


Agricultural waste is generally high in carbon and low in ash, making it a well-suited feedstock for gasification. Common waste products such as rice straw, nut hulls, and manure, can be efficiently converted into usable and salable energy sources via FastOx gasification.
FastOx systems also complement digester technologies already in use for handling wet organic wastes such as manure. The solid waste output from digesters is an ideal feedstock for FastOx systems. Additionally, the methane produced from digestion can be captured and used as a fuel source for the gasification system. This has an added benefit of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from digestion.
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