Biomass Gasification

Biomass is one of the most significant renewable feedstock FastOx gasification can accept. Find out why it makes such a great material for the process.

What is Biomass?

Biomass is organic matter, such as plant material and animal waste, that can be used as a source of fuel. Through its vast stores of chemical energy generated through natural processes, biomass provides a substantial energy source that is both renewable and sustainable. FastOx gasification systems can take this vast energy store and efficiently convert it into electricity, hydrogen, biofuels, and ammonia.
The Energy Information Administration’s estimates that there are 590 million wet tons of biomass available in the United States on an annual basis. Of those, 20 million wet tons (enough to supply about 3 gigawatts of capacity) are available today.
Biomass is a cost effective primary feedstock for FastOx systems and an economical feedstock supplement for low-carbon waste streams such as electronic waste, medical waste, and glass.



Gasifying Biomass with FastOx Gasification

Biomass is an ideal primary feedstock for FastOx® gasifiers because it is high in carbon. Biomass also makes an excellent supplementary feedstock to wastes that are low in carbon.
Biomass is relatively low in ash content (typically, less than 5% ash content on a dry basis.) Its low ash content allows FastOx systems to run at much higher efficiencies.