Economics Overview

Learn more about the economics involved in implementing and operating a FastOx system.

Typical Economic Behavior

The economics of FastOx gasification vary depending on the characteristics of the project. Generally, larger scale projects generate higher returns due to gains in efficiencies.
The factors that influence the economics of FastOx gasification the most are feedstock blends and quantity, and the end product being produced. Additional factors that impact the economics include local tipping fees and local electricity and natural gas prices, as well as the retail price that the systems desired end products can be sold at.
Typically, diesel is the most expensive end product to create due to the capital intensive Fischer-Tropsch process required to produce it. However, this does not necessarily mean that diesel production is not economically viable via FastOx gasification. If the user has a large and continuous waste stream with favorable tipping fees and diesel retail prices, diesel production can be profitable.
When considering a project, it is pertinent to consider all the factors impacting the economics. In this regard, Sierra Energy offers engineering services and feasibility studies that examine the technical and economic feasibility of individual projects.
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Capital and operational expenditures for the FastOx system are dependent upon project specifications and feedstock type. To determine if FastOx gasification is the right solution for your renewable project, or to better understand the financial implications involved in waste conversion, Sierra Energy has developed a calculator tool to estimate potential revenue and expenditures.
A baseline estimate can be determined for CapEx and OpEx based on the most current information coming from our commercial FastOx system designs. These estimates are best used for budgeting purposes.
Sierra Energy makes FastOx gasification available through geographical licensing rights. Learn more information about obtaining a FastOx system, please contact us.



Economic Feasibility

Due to the variation permitted by FastOx gasification systems, all factors and possible scenarios must be considered in order to identify the best possible outcome for each project. Limiting factors may include the technological feasibility of a proposed project, the potential optimization of system performance given various possible system configurations, feedstock blends, and operating scenarios.
For this reason, Sierra Energy requires that a feasibility study be performed for each individual project prior to system development.
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