Explore the electrifying opportunity available in power production, the easiest end product to make using FastOx gasification.



FastOx Gasification Syngas Vs Conventional Fossil Fuels

The clean syngas produced by FastOx gasification results in electricity production with lower specific emissions than typical fossil fuel electricity generation. Syngas from FastOx gasification breaks apart more completely than atomized liquids. Consequently, it produces less Carbon Monoxide (CO), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and Particulate Matter (PM) emissions than conventional fossil fuel power plants. Oxides of Sulfur (SOx) emissions are reduced as well, as our syngas contains virtually no sulfur compounds once cleaned. Finally, syngas from FastOx gasification has a lower energy density (MJ/Nm3) than natural gas. For example, the peak temperatures observed inside the vessel are notably lower which translates to significantly lower Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx) production.



Impact and Potential

Electricity is one of the easiest end products to produce using FastOx gasification due to the relatively uncomplicated production system. The United States currently sends approximately 250 million metric tons of municipal solid waste (MSW) to landfills every year. Using FastOx technology, municipal solid waste alone could power close to 14 million homes. This estimate does not include other waste types generated in society, like biomass or industrial waste, which would increase this number drastically.
The quantity of energy produced depends on several factors. These include the type of feedstock, system configuration, and other plant specifics.
Use our online calculator to see electricity outputs for different waste materials and various capacities.