Learn about gasifier emissions and the potential implications.

What does the FastOx Gasifier Produce?

The FastOx gasifier is a closed-loop system that converts waste into syngas that is then converted into high-value salable end products with no waste by-products created.

Prior to processing at the back end, the syngas passes through a gas cleaning stage that prepares it for electricity generation. Desired end products, such as diesel, hydrogen, or ammonia, require additional gas cleaning as those processes have stringent requirements (based on the needs of certain component catalysts).

Additionally, one of the major advantages of FastOx gasification is the injection of oxygen as opposed to conventional nitrogen-rich air. This dramatically reduces the amount of nitrogen in the system, significantly reducing pollutants such as nitrogen oxides (NOx). Reducing these oxides is beneficial to the surrounding environment as they are major contributors of smog, acid rain, and formation of ground-level ozone.

Furthermore, NOx is less likely to form during syngas combustion in a genset or turbine, as syngas not only burns at a lower temperature than natural gas, liquid fuels, or coal, but the combustion in a turbine is significantly more controlled than in ambient air due to fuel injection. This higher control creates greater yields of desirable products as it allows the chemistry to be more complete (i.e. more stoichiometric).