Sierra Energy CEO Speaks To Startups About Fostering Local Tech Community


Sierra Energy’s CEO Mike Hart, meets with members of the local co-work space Urban Hive last night to discuss the importance of crowd funding and how Sacramento is quickly becoming America’s “green hub” for technology. Urban Hive summarized the discussion with these highlights.

“Being a non-tech CEO/founder of a tech company can be an advantage because you don’t have preconceived ideas about technical limits.” ~Mike Hart

“Sacramento is the green hub of America. It’s the place to be if you’re doing clean tech. There’s no other place that has more green tech than this region.” ~Mike Hart

“MVP (Minimal Viable Product) isn’t appropriate for some ideas. On some ideas, you have to build the whole damn thing to validate & execute the concept.” ~Mike Hart

“Crowdfunding is the right method for funding businesses. Let the crowd speak with their pockets.” ~Mike Hart

“Many businesses close or fail because they don’t have enough money to prove their concept & get to market. Cash is more important than method.” ~Mike Hart

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