FastOx® Pathfinder

A new future for waste.

The 100 metric ton per day Pathfinder will consist of several equipment isles, each designed to be transported separately and assembled onsite. The complete system requires approximately an acre of land.

System Components

FastOx Pathfinder Yield Table

Based on 100 tons per day

The Pathfinder can be configured to produce one of several end products. The total yield depends on the feedstock composition as well as moisture content. The table here is based on 24 hours operation of post-recycled municipal solid waste at a 20% moisture level.

Pathfinder Yield Table

Pathfinder Yield Table 100 Tons

To get a general estimation of product yield, please use our online calculator. Our online calculator estimates the revenue, volume of energy, and environmental impact generated from a FastOx system. The calculator allows you to enter the amount and types of waste, tipping fees, local cost of electricity, and any possible credits that are specific to your project and location. It assumes full syngas recycle to run the gasifier and produce oxygen for the system. Yield can be increased, for example, by using another energy source to generate oxygen.

Leading the Way

Sierra Energy's system at Fort Hunter Liggett was built to meet the net-zero goals established by the Department of Defense to reduce waste and increase domestic renewable energy production.