Valuable End Products

Our high-quality syngas can produce a variety of valuable end products.

Overview of Valuable End Products

FastOx gasifiers produce a high-quality syngas that can be converted into a number of valuable end products. These products are formed using back end systems and technologies developed by trusted third party companies. These tried and true technologies can be used to clean the syngas, force further chemical reactions, or run electrical generator sets.
Find out more about these processes and the products you can create with syngas from FastOx gasification below:



Through FastOx gasification, the 250 million metric tons of municipal solid waste (MSW) sent annually to landfills in the U.S. could power close to 14 million homes.

(and other Fischer-Tropsch liquids such as gasoline)

Diesel produced by the FastOx gasification system can be up to thirty times cleaner than typical diesel produced from fossil fuels.


If California’s landfilled waste was converted into hydrogen and used for transportation fuel, it would offset emissions equivalent to half of the state’s automobile fleet.